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Start Cup Piemonte Valle d’Aosta 2017: the Business Plan contest starts now

From ICT to Agrifood, passing through Life Sciences and Cleantech: these are the sectors of the projects that will participate in the Business Plan Competition, within the 13th edition of Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta.

Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta, the competition for projects, ideas and companies, is back! The contest is promoted by the regional university incubators I3P of the Polytechnic of Turin, 2i3T of the University of Turin, Enne3 of the University of Eastern Piedmont and Pépinière of Aosta, and supported by the Piedmont Region.

Organized as part of the National Award for Innovation (PNI), promoted by PNICube (Italian Association of University Incubators and Business Plan Competitions), Start Cup Piemonte Valle d'Aosta is aimed at spreading the culture of innovation and local development, with the objective of encouraging and supporting the birth of innovative startups with high knowledge content to promote the economic development of the Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta territory.

The 13th edition of the competition now comes to life with its Phase II, the "Business Plan Competition": this is a unique opportunity to finalize studies and research into business projects, regardless of the stage of development, and enter the network of innovative companies incubators. The winners will receive support for the birth of the startup, support in defining the strategy, accompaniment on the market through contact with the first customers and introduction to investors and banks to raise capital.

To participate in the Business Plan Competition, you must submit a Business Plan (or Business Model) describing your entrepreneurial project by July 24, 2017 (1:00 pm). All aspiring entrepreneurs over 18 years of age, including university and structured of universities and research centers, as well as owners of new businesses can apply. The application can be sent through the dedicated website and the projects must refer to the Life Sciences, ICT, Cleantech & Energy, Agrifood and Industrial categories.

Among the novelties of the XIII edition is the sponsorship of Circolo degli Alfieri, an ancient circle in Turin that brings together entrepreneurs, academics, freelancers and top managers. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Circle wanted to contribute concretely to the development of innovation by supporting the Start Cup, as an initiative that well combines the spirit of enterprise, research, study and passion of its members.

In fact, thanks to the endowment made available by Circolo degli Alfieri, the Promoters and Supporters, the 13th edition will award a first prize of 20,000 euros, a second one of 15,000 euros and a third of 10,000 euros. The prizes awarded to the three winning projects will be aimed at the birth of new startups in the university incubators of the promoting universities; in addition, the best business plans that establish new business activities in Cuneo and Aosta Valley will be awarded two special prizes worth 7,500 euros each. In addition to the total prize money of 60,000 euros, special mentions will also be given to Equal Opportunities and Social Innovation projects. Finally, the first six absolute winners will also participate in the PNI - National Award for Innovation, that for the 2017 edition will have FS Italiane as Main Sponsor.

"Also this year, the Piedmont Region strongly supports the Start Cup competition, which it considers a useful tool to encourage business creation and innovation in its territory," said Gianna Pentenero, Councillor for Employment and Vocational Training of the Piedmont Region. "In recent days, the regional council has allocated 1 million and 400 thousand euros from the European Social Fund, to finance, in 2017, services to accompany the birth of innovative start-ups with high research and knowledge intensity in the manufacturing, digital, culture and tourism sectors, thus supporting the activity carried out by public university incubators, in collaboration with FinPiemonte. Activities that between 2015 and 2016 have allowed the approval of 41 business plans and the establishment of 27 new companies, with the creation of 67 jobs."

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