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Here you can find answers to the most common questions asked by participants of the competition.
If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us!

  • 01 - Is it possible to submit more projects?

    Yes, you may submit more than one project.

  • 02 - Is it possible to describe the idea and/or to submit the Business Plan in English?

    Yes, you can submit the documents either in Italian or in English.

  • 03 - Are there any prizes for Stage I of the competition?

    The prizes for Stage I are in services.

    These services are aimed at supporting the entrepreneurial team in the draft of the Business Plan through free support and consulting activities, as well as through training initiatives.

    In particular, these consist of tutoring activities aimed at providing the operational tools for the preparation of a Business Plan or Business Model, provided by the organizers of the competition through experts.

  • 04 - How do I know if I passed Stage I of the competition? Is a notice given to all participants?

    No individual communication of the outcome of Stage I will be sent. Only applicants selected by the organizers for the tutoring activities referred to in paragraph 3 of the official rules will be contacted.

    The remaining applicants can still apply to Stage II, preparing their own Business Plan by consulting the procedures for the preparation of the document and the brief summary as an example, available on the page "How to apply" of this website.

  • 05 - When will the results of the Business Plan competition be announced?

    The evaluation process for the definition of the best finalist projects is managed by a jury, which evaluates them in different steps starting from the closing of Stage II until October.

    Towards the end of September, we will send the team the positive or negative outcome of the first evaluation step. No ranking or individual judging will be published. In case of a positive outcome, we will provide indications on the next selection steps.

    The final results will be made public during the award ceremony that concludes the competition. Further details will be provided in the News section of the site, and to keep up to date you can subscribe to our newsletter (see the bottom of this page).

  • 06 - I have a business established before January 1, 2022, can I participate in Stage II (Business Plan competition)?

    Unfortunately not. Only entrepreneurs whose business has been incorporated after January 1, 2022, or incorporated in the prior year but with a declaration of commencement after January 1, 2022, are eligible to participate in the Business Plan competition.

  • 07 - Are the parameters for evaluating ideas the same as those used for evaluating Business Plans?

    Yes, the evaluation parameters are the same.

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